Join Us this Sunday

fellowship  ~ music ~ worship

Worship Service 10:00 am

Everyone is welcome!

You are invited to worship with us anytime. There is no special dress code, but you will be greeted with many smiles, so come and enjoy the music, peace, people, and the presence of God at OCC.

We are currently gathering in the sanctuary at 10:00am, with social distancing, mandatory masking, and other safety precautions in place.  However, if you do not yet feel ready to join the service in the sanctuary or prefer not to wear a mask, you may stay in your car and participate from there.  A Greeter will deliver prepackaged communion to your car when you arrive and instructions on how to tune into the service with your car radio (88.5 FM). 

You are also welcome to view the service on our Facebook Live Stream on Sunday mornings.

We hope you will join us by whatever means you are most comfortable with.

(Updated January 2021)

"Faith is the Victory" will be the message on February 28, dwelling on Romans 4:13-25.

Services start at 10:00am.

"Souper" Bowl Sunday, February 7, was a great success, and everyone was a winner - our neighbors in need, Least of These, and those who contributed cans of soup.  The Sharing Barrel was filled to the brim and the donated soup is being delivered to Least of These this week.

Thank you to all who participated.

Relationship in Christ

 We confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the one who  changes us to life eternal with God.  That astounding relationship begins the moment a person asks Jesus Christ to be his or her Lord and Savior, and then publicly declares their faith in Him.  Our membership, our relationship is to all who make that declaration.  We worship and serve Jesus Christ in gratitude as we love and serve others.

You are also invited to make your desire for membership and baptism known to the pastor or any elder of our church.